Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Working Life (So Far)

So here is how it goes.  When I was growing up my parents owned their own shop.  They worked ALL the time.  Most of my childhood I sat among boxes in a storeroom.  I watched Golden Girls.  I read Archie.  I also worked.  Age appropriate jobs, of course.  So I started my working life at 10.  By the time I was old enough to get a worker's permit I hightailed it out of there and got a job somewhere else.  Working for your family isn't fun.  Actually working for other people isn't fun either.  Working for your family is even less fun.  So I worked every summer until I graduated college and got a full time big person job. Then I got a better big person job and then another. Then I had a baby.  Well, that was the end of the big person job.  Then I had another baby, and then another and before I called it a day I had one more. 

Actually a whole, huge amount of fun and exciting things also happened but that isn't part of this story.  This is about working and where I am now.  It's time to decide what comes next. 

Here is what I know.  I love making my own schedule.  I like being here when the kids get off the bus.  I love that summer is not spent in an office looking out the window wishing I were outside.  Basically I want to work from 10-3 and have most of the summer off.  Sounds like a great job, doesn't it??   There's just tons of jobs like that around!

I have a plan.  A work from home, have my own business plan.  It does not require me to actually make anything because I'm not good at making anything but nachos.  I can make really great nachos.  So more details later.  I have plenty of time before my little guy is in school long enough for me to be productive.  So why not stretch this out in two, ten or 30 posts?