Friday, May 21, 2010

Smores for Everyone

I have Smores on my mind.  The weather is getting warmer.  People are going camping.  People who are not me that is.  I make my Smores with a little indoor Smores table my sister bought me.  It's great.  You make smores without sitting on a log and eating off a tree branch.  I'm sure the outdoorsy thing is part of the Smores experience but I just really like the chocolate and melted marshmallow combo.

So here are Smores three ways.  One packaged up very pretty for a great summer hostess gift.  Next, a Smores cupcake.  Lastly, just because it's Friday, a Smores Cocktail.  Cheers!

32 ounces Vodka

16 ounces Chocolate Liqueur

1 64-ounce pitcher

1 sleeve of graham crackers or more if needed

1 jar marshmallow creme (Marshmallow Fluff)

16 martini glasses

1 bag wooden skewers

1 bag miniature marshmallows

Pour vodka and chocolate liqueur into pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for several hours until very cold. Crush a graham crackers and place into a small bowl. Rim martini glasses with marshmallow crème. Dip glasses into graham cracker crumbs and shake gently to remove excess. Place marshmallows on skewers and toast over an open flame (grill or fire pit preferably). Pour 3 ounces of cold drink mixture into each prepared glass and serve with toasted marshmallow as garnish.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We are huggy-kissy types in these parts.  What's better than kissing a chubby baby cheek or a hug from a friend you have not seen in a while?  That's why last week something painful happened. It was Liam, my little blond love muffin.   He asked me if I would kiss him before the bus comes not as the bus is pulling up.  Oh no.  It's the beginning of the end of smoochville for him and I.  How many more kisses can I get in before he won't make eye contact with me and locks himself in his room for six hours? 

He's turning six next week.  I'd like to say I've been away from the blog because I'm so busy party planning. Not at all.   The truth is I have so much to do and I'm going to have to work like a crazy woman to get it all done.  It's May.  I'm tired of packing lunches and checking homework.  I need a vacation. I need a beach and a Margarita.  I'm so not in party planning mode.  I need a swift kick of motivation!! Help!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Mexican Cutie

Is this the Mexican cutie Jimmy Buffett is speaking of?  Most likely not but how cute are these Margarita Cupcakes?  They are my contribution to tonight's Cinco De Mayo fiesta at my girlfriends house.

I have no idea why Cinco De Mayo is even celebrated but I will take any excuse to drink a margarita on a Wednesday night. Chips and salsa too, what a great holiday! Back to the Margaritaville lyrics.....we have no Mexican cuties in our house but we have plenty of Irish cuties.  Here is one of them.  I love the pudgy little face!!