Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We are huggy-kissy types in these parts.  What's better than kissing a chubby baby cheek or a hug from a friend you have not seen in a while?  That's why last week something painful happened. It was Liam, my little blond love muffin.   He asked me if I would kiss him before the bus comes not as the bus is pulling up.  Oh no.  It's the beginning of the end of smoochville for him and I.  How many more kisses can I get in before he won't make eye contact with me and locks himself in his room for six hours? 

He's turning six next week.  I'd like to say I've been away from the blog because I'm so busy party planning. Not at all.   The truth is I have so much to do and I'm going to have to work like a crazy woman to get it all done.  It's May.  I'm tired of packing lunches and checking homework.  I need a vacation. I need a beach and a Margarita.  I'm so not in party planning mode.  I need a swift kick of motivation!! Help!


  1. i dread the end of smoochville! I hope he hasn't reached that point yet. Also, I cannot wait to see what you do for his party!

    Any ideas you can find for a dance recital reception would be superb (hint, hint) :)

  2. Aww, so sad! I think he will come around again. Travis tells me girls are worse than guys. Guys will go through it early, then by HS they are back to being normal with their parents. Girls start it later, but last longer.

    Maybe his party should have a kissing booth? :)