Monday, June 7, 2010

Grass or Sand..........

I'm working on my "End of School" party next week.  Having a little cupcake dilemma.  I'm doing little fondant flip flops as the cupcake decoration.  Perfect.

Now for the hard part.  Make grass out of icing?  Ice them regular and put brown sugar for sand?  Umbrella or no umbrella?  or I was even thinking of piping the icing putting the flip flops on top and then using sprinkles.

Isn't summer great?  My only dilemma involves flip flops. 

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  1. no grass, just sand, flip flops and an umbrella!

    you could also used crushed gram crackers so that extra sweetness isnt added.

  2. I agree with graham cracker sand!

  3. I vote sand and umbrellas!