Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dairy King

I love all things made with milk. Cream cheese, buttercream, ice cream, whipped cream, pizza, cupcakes, pie. Everything.

Tomorrow my little pumpkin gets tested for a milk allergy. Peanuts, shellfish, red dye #50. I can live without those things. Living without dairy-- oh my. Of course I don't have to give up all things dairy. However I can't even imagine cooking for 5 of us and then cooking something seperate for # 6. Life will be a lot easier if I just keep it out of the house.

It's not such a big deal I guess. Many little ones get handed much worse so we will deal.
Oh, those are vegan cupcakes up there. They don't look so bad, do they?


  1. Good luck on the test! And those do look yummy!

  2. Vegan means no animal products at all. No eggs, no butter, no milk. I had one one time and it actually was pretty good!