Monday, April 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions


A baseball party seems so easy but I'm somewhat stuck on a few things. Actually I'm stuck on a lot of things. One is the dessert table.

Over the weekend I was looking at the Chasing Fireflies catalog and saw these buckets. I was thinking that since Liam's name is so short having 4 buckets spelling out his name will make a great center point on the dessert table. Also you can get galvanized buckets at Home Depot for cheap, cheap, cheap. I can raise them up on a box that is wrapped in plain paper (another cheap idea). So it's just my painting skills that are up for a test. But I keeping go back and forth and I can't decide!! Hmmm.......buckets or no buckets?


  1. You'll probably come up with a better idea, but I'll throw in my easy 2 cents worth! We once painted 20 small buckets like this for a pee-wee baseball tournament. We painted the buckets with enamel paint - blue and green - then added baseballs and each player's name using stickers.

    They may not have been quite so professional as these, but they were fun! Enjoy your party - buckets, or not!

  2. buckets! I love the whimsy of it and will make for a fun visual interest!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. If it's JUST the painting of the letters that worries you... You can get Die cut letters and just Decopauge them on! I am sure it will be great either way! Can't wait to see!

  4. Or you can order letters in Vinyl.. and honestly it looks like the bucket in the picture is a vinyl decal!

  5. LOVE those buckets!!! Another idea is buy FAT ribbon, and wrap the buckets and use the stickers you purchased to hold in place!

    Like one thick ribbon wrapping the bucket!

    THEN fill the buckets with peanuts... like almost toppling over full!

  6. I would try one out and see what happens. You can always use acrylic paint, and then a small circle paint dabber for the dots....and I just came across this website on another blog today - Haven't had a chance to look at it much yet, but you could always print out the letters in your font of choice onto vinyl sticker paper and VOILA - personalized buckets!

    Good luck...can't wait to see pictures!


  7. Wow, great ideas. Thanks so much girls!! :)