Monday, April 26, 2010

Tears, Tears, Tears

Before I was a Mom I only cried when something bad happened.  Breakups, work problems, bouncing a check.  The usual.  Thankfully, I wasn't crying very often.

Now I seem to be crying all the darn time.  Friday night the school had a program and they did a video montage for the fifth graders involved.  They showed their kindergarten picture then faded out to their fifth grade picture.  I know not one fifth grader in the school.  I cried though the whole 20 minute montage.

Thursday I was at the bus stop just like I am every day.  The bus pulled up, opened the doors and off comes my seven year old.  This day was different though.  She was dressed with paper looking like the statue of liberty.  She even had a torch that she held up as she bolted toward me.  Tears came and only partly because I didn't have my camera.

You are told a million times before you have kids and after about how fast time goes, how quickly they grow up.  The first few years seem to go quickly but manageable.  Once they turn five it moves at warp speed.  That is when the heartache comes. It's a weird heartache though.  It's mixed with happiness.  Another reason being a Mother is so hard.

What if they didn't grow up?  What if my three year old had never turned four and stayed three forever? (three didn't agree with him so well)   Now that would be something to cry about.



  1. I cry a lot already. You're telling me that when I become a mom I'll cry even more?! That could be scary :)

  2. I can so relate! I have a 3 year old who I am desperately wishing was older, but not as old as my 7 year old. I think I cry both good and bad tears at least once a day! :)

    A very sweet post...hug your children while they still let you! ;)

  3. Yes Katie!! It starts when you get pregnant--you start crying during commercials and discovery channels shows. From there is just gets worse :)

  4. you made me realize how happy I am to be a mother. Thank you for that post, super sweet!