Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wrote last week about my cupcake problem.  The one where I need to get in shape but I'm eating cupcakes daily.  Saturday my four year old put three cans of diet coke in the freezer when I wasn't looking.  A few hours later I opened the freezer to find a cola explosion of massive proportions.  Every frozen cupcake left from all the parties was ruined (and two tubs of ice cream).  Cupcake problem solved. 

Today we are going craft shopping.  I'm working on favors and lolly jackets for the baseball party.

I'm also searching for a cupcake to make for the kids on friday.  Two of them are in the school variety show so I want to have something for after the show.  I'm leaning toward these strawberry lemonade cupcakes.  Happy Tuesday!

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