Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Bells

I'm so excited to be going to a wedding this Saturday.  Not only is it a date night but we stay at a hotel so we don't have to wake up at an ungodly hour with the little people!!

How many weddings have I been to?  Lots and Lots.  So why is it I have absolutely nothing to wear this Saturday?  Nothing.  I actually tried on a few things yesterday with my three boys in the dressing room.  That is how desperate I am.  I need a new dress.  A new dress and new shoes.  Some highlights would help too but I only have three days.

So before I go I'll post the ice cream themed gift I put together for the bride and groom.  It's super cute!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. we have a wedding to attend as well, but no hotel for us!

    3 boys and trying on dresses, you are brave lady- BRAVE!

  2. Wedding for me too this Saturday! Must be wedding season. I have some cute idea for dresses, I can email you if you'd like...?