Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thinking About...


Yesterday I realized a few things. One is that aside from the 20 minute run to Target here and there I have been with my children every waking moment for the last 2 months or so. This can't be good for the head, can it? Secondly, because of the lack of any solidarity I have somewhat started to resent the 20 minute commute my husband has. Twenty minutes alone with no one asking you anything at all. Sounds like heaven. Lastly, I have come to realize as soon as I start feeling sorry for myself I immediately start feeling guilty. That's what kids do to you. Even bad days are good because you have them.

In party planning news I went to the craft store yesterday to see about fondant. I saw a girlfriend in the aisles, talked about nothing and everything for thirty minutes and then forgot why I had even came. It was very productive.

I did make a semi-decision on the favors. Baseball makes me think of peanuts and peanuts makes me think of burlap? Burlap sacks? Somewhat like this picture. Not filled with coffee of course....



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